3 Effective Tips to Protect Your PC and Data from Cyber Attacks

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3 Effective Tips to Protect Your PC and Data from Cyber Attacks

Post  adamsmith on Wed Mar 14, 2012 1:58 am

Security has become the hottest sought after thing in the 21st century. On one side, societies are facing the real time threat of terrorism and on the other hand, the rising number of cyber-attacks, pose another constant problem. The risk is not restricted to the individuals but organizations and highly sensitive institutes (CIA, FBI, and many federal institutes have fallen prey to this) have also been under cyber-attacks. Hence, there is a growing realization of proper network management and a proper mechanism to counter cyber-attacks and secure the sensitive information.

Some organizations favor outsourcing computers’ and data security to some specialized service provider, while the rest incline towards developing intra-organizational process to avoid such attacks.

Primarily, you are vulnerable to 3 types of attacks on individual as well as organizational level.

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