Considerations for Buying Property in Dubai

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Considerations for Buying Property in Dubai Empty Considerations for Buying Property in Dubai

Post  umerakmal on Sun Apr 29, 2012 3:47 am

Overseas investors have been permitted to buy property in Dubai from nominated residential developments since 2002. A number of real estate projects are already available and others are on track.
Dubai has experienced remarkable economic growth in the past two decades. Investment by foreign companies has been encouraged by a free trade zone philosophy and the creation of flexible industry specific operational centers such as the Internet and Media Cities. Dubai's GDP on average increases by 7-8% a year.

Important Considerations for Buying Dubai Property

The property market like any other market is driven and underpinned by the realities of supply and demand. The residential property market in Dubai is not exempt from these realities and 'indeed', why Dubai is so successful in all sorts of different areas, is that it fully understands and exploits the supply/ demand dynamic.

1) Can u afford it?

Buying Dubai properties is just like any other investment and can fluctuate according to overall market. How long you are going to hold the property will determine whether you can be sure it will make money or not.

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