What Are Mega Real Estate Projects In Dubai?

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What Are Mega Real Estate Projects In Dubai? Empty What Are Mega Real Estate Projects In Dubai?

Post  umerakmal on Fri Apr 27, 2012 6:51 am

When you think of Dubai today you will often think of one of the many Mega Dubai real estate Projects such as Burj Dubai, Dubailand or the Palm Islands. Other mega projects under construction are corporate Bay and Metro Dubai. Burj Dubai, worth Dubai Tower, will most likely become the world's tallest building with an estimated height of around 818 m (2,684 ft). On September 24, 2007 the Dubai Tower became the world's tallest free-standing edifice with it's 555.3 m (1,822 ft) surpassing the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada. The tallest building in the world will become the centre piece of new Downtown Dubai which also includes: BurjDubai Lake hotel, Dubai Mall, BurjDubai Old city, Burj Residences E, Burj Residences T, Burj Residences W, The Lofts, South pucker, Burj Views and boulevard march.

In imposing 2008 the Tower of Dubai is another great example of Dubai real estate that set a new chronicle height of 2,257 feet and has more than 160 stories. With the outside almost elegant employees have ongoing on the interior. Up plow now the finishing height is still a secret. Taiwan's Taipei 101 with a height of 1,667 feet and asset the chronicle while 2004 was surpassed in the June 2008.

Dubai Land:-

Dubai land, the leading theme park in the world, will have 45 mega projects and 200 sub projects when elegant in 2018. Already operational are Dubai Autodrome, The total Village and the Al Sahra Desert choice. This theme park is in amount twice as big as Disneyland and the Disneyworld resorts put together. It consists of 2 outlines, the Red Line and the Green Line. In compute the Metro have a compute of 70 kilometers (43.5 miles) of outline, and 42 stations. The Red Line runs for 50 kilometer (31 miles) with 35 stations from Jebel Ali docks, the American University in Dubai, through the city centre, and to the Airport limitless Zone. The Green Line consists of 20 kilometers (12.4 miles) with 22 stations from Festival City, through the city centre, Dubai International Airport Terminals 1 and 3, and to Rashidiya.

For more details visit: http://marketingiants.blogspot.com/2012/04/what-are-mega-real-estate-projects-in.html


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