Enjoy This Summer Holiday At Dubai Beach Apartments

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Enjoy This Summer Holiday At Dubai Beach Apartments Empty Enjoy This Summer Holiday At Dubai Beach Apartments

Post  umerakmal on Wed Apr 11, 2012 8:29 am

Dubai is known as one of the fastest developing countries. This city is not only gaining popularity in trade and commerce but also emerging on the world map as a major tourism destination. The city of Dubai is facing as a result, an onslaught of visitors these days. They include the CEOs, executives, technicians, managers, holidaymakers, rich and famous and almost anybody else that you may think of. This has caused, as a consequence, a great stress on the hotel industry which was catering to most of the rising accommodation demands until recently. The other option, which is now widely being used for lodging is that of hiring privately owned accommodation in Dubai on rent. Experts say they are going to play a significant role in Dubai's tourism in the years to follow.

Memoirs suggest it was the 1960s that turned out to be a turning point in Dubai's quest for wealth. They had an impressive growth rate by then due to the ongoing gold trade, which subsequently got aided because of the discovery of oil. Multinationals began converging at Dubai's seashores with their assets and manpower in a huge fashion, and the sleeping town had suddenly become alive. One can measure the impact of that inflow of men and women from the fact that more than 70 percent of today's population in Dubai is comprised of expatriates. The rush hasn't stopped till this date and the queues for visas continue to spread out.

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