Can You Shave Off A Few Years Without Using A Blade?

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Can You Shave Off A Few Years Without Using A Blade? Empty Can You Shave Off A Few Years Without Using A Blade?

Post  aldousbailey on Fri Dec 17, 2010 5:00 pm

It's one of the certainties in life. We are going to get older and of course will look older. So many people these days choose to undergo surgery in a bid to maintain their youthful appearance. Many people might like to but quite simply can't afford it. Even if you go to Thailand or South America, the operations may be cheap but the flights and accommodation all add up. Its not the easiest or best option for your run of the mill average person with a day job!

Millions of dollars are spent every year on anti-ageing creams, gyms and health foods in a bid to retain our youth. Whilst there is no doubting that exercise and diet work wonders for your body I'm afraid I'm on the fence when it comes to anti-ageing creams. Personally I use a basic regime which includes olive oil (not as slimy as you may think) and it works for me. That takes care of my skin's appearance but what about the contours of your face?

If you are prepared to consider surgery surely it is worth trying something less costly and less painful first? Seems like a no brainer to me.

Look at your face in the mirror, see how it changes when you smile, frown or wink. It takes a lot of muscle power to do that. Now, imagine if you could build that muscle in a similar way to that which you would train your body in a gym. Well guess what, you can. Thankfully you can get rid of your double chin and even develop more definition in your cheekbones.


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